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WKO - Sanctioning

WORLD KICKBOXING ORGANISATION - Caters for Professional K-1 and Kickboxing athletes.


Working with some of the largest promoters around the world, to sanction the top level galas.


WKO was founded as the sports have evolved and we are firm to keep to the rules but flexible to move with the time and offer our athletes the best opportunities around.

WKO is the newest Kickboxing & combat sports organisations in the World we have with some of the very best people within the business at its heart.

Our future will speak for itself we have all seen how things should be done. WKO is committed to being a Ring-Sports only organisation. We have clear routes to progress fighters from grass routes, right through to Professional World Champion.

The legends of Ring-Sports around the World have inspired next generation. WKO is the next generation and does not put barriers or politics in the way of progress like many others have in the past.


Our aim is to produce the next generation of legends through the ranks of the WKO with all earning and defending their ranks and titles.​

We offer both event insurance and title sanctioning from smaller amateur events to world class professional galas. With all receiving our full attention and support ensuring the best possible events are hosted.


If you are interested in working with us, contact us to find out what our prices and requirements are.


We work with promoters wishing to sanction Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, K-1 Rules, MMA and Sport Boxing from non title fights right up to World Title Challenges.

Simply contact us and we will do our best to make your event safe, successful and reputable.

Remote Weigh In:

In truth, WKO World President Jon Green has made it well known he is not a fan of "Video Weigh Ins". This being said through the Pandemic, use of video meetings enabled the world to keep turning allowing businesses to function.

Due to the pandemic., to limit time people were together video weigh ins were allowed, as long as strict procedures were adopted. They worked well without issue. 

WKO clearly recognises both advantages and flaws in Video Weigh Ins. but also sees if managed they can remain an advantage to the sport if reduces costs for the event organiser and ensure opportunities for athletes are available to fight.

So although Video Weigh In remain under revie in WKO they are allowed, if the required steps are followed.

Video Weigh In Requirements:

  • Video Weigh In must be requested by Event Organiser and Approved by WKO

  • WKO Fee for Video Weigh In is £50 (Includes all weigh ins for the event) 

  • Video Weigh In strictly for Title Fights ONLY!

  • Opponents must weigh in the same day

  • Video Weigh In must occur TWICE
    1st Video Weigh In Week Before (not live) Sent to Promoter
    2nd Video Weigh In day before the fight NO earlier than 7pm (must be live) Includes event organiser and WKO representative

  • Scales must be digital

  • Weigh in must be at the fighters gym

  • Fighters coach must be in the video

  • 10kg plate must be weighed to show scales calibration

  • 0.5Kg is NOT allowed as a tolerance 

  • The video must show, on a smart phone Google, with the search today's date, See below for example image.

  • Video must be live via Whatsapp video call with WKO Representative

  • If failed weigh in have 60 minutes to drop weight

  • No more than 2% of person weight at weigh in can be lost

  • If more than 2% of weight in needed to be lost the fighter has lost 
    the bout on the scales, if is the title holder the belt is awarded to challenger
    if the challenger makes weight successfully

  • Saunas are NOT allowed to aid making weight

  • Video must show:
    Fighter declaring Name, Date & Time, smart phone, showing google date,
    10Kg weight placed on scales, display showing the weight of the plate
    Footage from, face of fighter, down to feet on the scales, then to scales display screen showing the weight, then back to fighter as they state the weight on scales display.



Any deviation from the above requirements will result in the title fight being void. The requirement for weighing in the week before ensures both that the fighter is on target to make weight, and avoid drastic weight cuts the week before

All weaknesses and opportunities for cheating in regards to video weigh in, are negated and made robust with the above requirements.

This both allows video weigh ins to be conducted but also encourages fighters and event organisers to opt for standard in person weigh in.

Video Weigh In
Request Form

I Agree to follow all the above steps required, and accept if i do not the Video Weigh In will be void, and no refund will be available for Title/s sanctioned by me.

Thanks for requesting!

All requests must be validated by WKO 



Example of 
Google Search
For Today Date

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