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The 2025 dates TBC!

Arnold Sports Festival

National Exhibition Centre (NEC) UK

Official WKO Collaboration with the Arnold Expo, in agreement with and in attendance at the expo by the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Attendance to compete in the combat sports such as Ringsports or Tatami Sport is only permitted through registration through World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO)

WKO recognised teams are able to both register and compete at these prestigious events against 1000's of other athletes from around the world battling it out to be crowned Arnold Sports Champion in front of the 70,000 people in attendance.

The Arnold Sports Festival!

Images from the Arnold Sports Festival

Live Action From Ring 3

Enjoy a Quick Walk Through of the Expo

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2025 Dates TBC

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: (based on 2024 event)




Where does the UK Arnold Championships take place?

The Arnold Championships will take place at the NEC in Birmingham

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger actually be there?

Yes he will be on stage for the Live Q&A on TBC.

Will points achieved here be accumulated to the World Grand Prix?

Yes the Arnold Sports Festival is a World Grand Prix event, so points achieved will be added to the rankings and leader board.


Where will I be competing?

Everything takes place in the NEC in Birmingham


What happens at the Check In?

All competitors are required to complete the fit to fight declaration on the Kihapp system, then on arrival check in at the WKO check in desk. Once checked in got to the licence check at the weigh in station and weigh in.


What happens if I do not weigh what I registered?

You will be moved into the next category which the weight you weighed matches.

What happens if I am not matched at all?

Anyone not matched at all will be given prior notification to look through live draws, if they find a suitable alternative. Let us know and we will add you.

What happens if I am not matched in all of my requests?

You will be refunded for any choices which we were unable to match you in.

What is the difference in Full or Partial Refunds?

Full Refund:

If we are unable to match you at all we will fully refund your Kihapp entry fees, this will be done prior to the event commencing. 

Full refunds are only available if you pull out of the event with a minimum of 7 days prior to the event. This allows time to re-match your opponents or notify them they have no match due to you pulling out.

Partial Refunds:

If for example you entered for 3 categories but were only matched in 2. You will receive a partial refund for the difference you are owed. Partial refunds are issued in the days after the event has finished. (usually before the Wednesday after the event)

Partial refunds are only available over the minimum entry fee. The Minimum Entry Fee includes up to 2 Categories of your choosing + UK EXPO Weekend Pass. If you paid the minimum and are only matched in 1 there is no partial refund for this. If you entered 3 for example but only got matched in 1-2 fights you would be refunded the difference between the minimum fee and 3 category fee, and so on based on the volume of entries you paid for and were successful in being matched in.


Is there an online schedule?

Yes, WKO will published the online schedule once all draws have been provisionally created.


How will I no when I am competing?

By viewing the online schedule.


Do I need to weigh in?

Yes all fighting competitors require to weigh in, weigh in but will only be required to weigh in once for the duration of the event.


When does The Arnold Sports Festival Start?

The festival starts on Friday TBC, WKO Combat sports will be hosted on:

  • Ringsports Friday - Sunday

  • Tatami Sports Saturday - Sunday 


What time do we have to be there?

Competitors need to be there at 10.00am in the morning if wish to weigh in on the the day, or can weigh in any time up to 2hrs before due to compete.

Competition start times will be:



10am - Weigh In

12pm - Kick Off

4pm - Finish 

Saturday & Sunday

10am - Weigh In

11am - Kick Off

4pm - Finish 

What are the weigh in options?

Competitors can weigh in 3 ways:

  • For competitors competing in both Ringsports and Tatami Sports they can weigh in on Friday from 10am to 12om.

  • For Ringsports only Competitors they have the option of:
    Day before weigh in Friday from 10am to 12pm


  • Saturday 10am onwards. (up to 2hrs before due to fight)

  • For Tatami Sports  only Competitors they have the option of:
    Day before weigh in Saturday from 10am-4pm
    Sunday from 10am onwards. (up to 2hrs before due to fight)

Prior notification will be emailed direct to all registered competitors in regard to being able to request which days they wish to weigh in. Location and times of weigh in will also be notified well in advance. 


How many divisions can I enter?

You can enter as many divisions as you wish, we will do what we can to match you in as many, that we are able to run within the time constraints of the day. 


When do I need to pay for my entries?

All entries are paid for at the point of registration. 


How much do the divisions cost?

Minimum entry costs for competitors is £100

What's does my entry fee include?

Your £100 fee includes:

  • 2 categories of your choosing 

  • Weekend pass to the Arnold Expo (worth £70+)

  • Day pass for you coach

Are weekend passes available for my coach?

Yes WKO pay for a day pass for each coach which are worth around £40, if your coach would like to upgrade for a weekend pass they may do so by paying an £25 to WKO and we will subsidise the the cost of the weekend pass which are equal to £70+

Im only competing on one day can i come for the whole weekend?

Yes your entry fee covers you for accessing the Expo Friday to  Sunday

I am coming for weekend is it possible my coach can have entry just for one day?

Yes your entry fee covers your coaches 1 day pass, if they would like to upgrade and pay for a weekend pass this is optional for them (we highly recommend they do)

How does a coach apply for the upgrade pass?

Once registration has closed and the draws and full refunds been completed. We will know the size of each team and how many coaches will be in attendance. Then coaches will be able to purchase an upgraded Weekend Pass from the WKO Online store for £25. 


Do I need a fit to fight declaration?

Yes all fighters must have a fit to fight declaration completed at the point of entry into the Kihapp System.

What are 1st, 2nd & 3rd place rewards?

All will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals


Will there be a belt upgrade option for winners?

Yes, we have designed a unique and specific Arnold Sports Championship Belt, which all Gold Medallist are eligible to purchase as an optional upgrade. 


Flights & Transportation:


The closest Airport is Birmingham International Airport which has both the NEC and a selection of Hotels all in walking distance.




Can we book our own accommodation?

Yes all attending have the responsibility to book their own accommodation for the duration of their stay at the event.


How many spectators/supporters am I allowed to bring?

You can bring as many as you like


Competitor Requirements:

Do I need a licence or suitable travel insurance?

Yes all competitors must have adequate insurance to compete:

  • All UK based competitors must have an in date licence that covers them to compete in their chosen rules.

  • Does not have to be a WKO licence but they are available if you require a licence

  • NONE UK Competitors do not need a licence but DO NEED sufficient travel insurance, in case of injury


Do I need a medical?:

Due to the duration of all bouts being shorter than that of Gala events, Medicals are only required if you notify us of any illness or injury you may have that you feel you require a fit to fight medical to be carried out for you.

How much do the fit to fight medicals cost?

There is no charge for a WKO Fit to Fight Medical

Spectator Requirements:

What type of ticket do I require to spectate?

Spectators have many options and available upgrades. the basic ticket required is the 'UK-Expo Ticket'

What type of ticket is basic for me?

This is all down to if you want to be there for 1 day or more, the choices are:

  • UK-Expo 1-Day Pass 
    (fast pass option is available)

  • UK-Expo 3-Day Pass
    (fast pass option is available)

Is Parking Free?

No unfortunately NEC do have parking charges which are out of our control, we recommended if staying in a local hotel, leave your car there and walk over. 

Parking sells out for this event, so we suggest booking as early as possible and especially for disabled parking. WKO have no control or influence over the NEC parking arrangements.

Will WKO refund any spectator tickets?

The Arnold Sports Festival has a NO REFUND POLICY on all ticket purchases, this is out of WKO control or influence, sorry.





The Birmingham NEC
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