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2023 WKO

Countdown to the next event of the 2023 Season



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The WKO World Grand prix consists of 11 major tournaments: 

  • WKO English Championships (All Rules)

  • WKO Northern Regional Ringsports Championships

  • WKO European Ringsports Championships

  • WKO European Tatami Sports Championships

  • WKO 5 Nations Ringsports Championships

  • WKO Midland Open Championships 

  • WKO British Tatami Sports Championships

  • WKO World Championships (All Rules)

  • WKO British Ringsports Championships

  • WKO Southern Regional Ringsports Championships

  • WKO K-1 World Championships

                                         (all events are open championships)

WKO World Grand Prix Ranking Points Are:

  • Gold Medallist 4 Points

  • Silver Medallist 3 Points

  • Bronze Medallist 2 Points

  • Entering Each Tournament if not a medallist 1 Point

The fighter with the most points of the weight division will be listed as Number 1.


However with so many Age/Weight divisions there would be far too many lists to compile. We appreciate this is unfair to all the individual age groups to only recognise the weight group.  So we have 1 weight group for all ages as the season progresses.

Then once the season has finished  all the fighters who are No1 of their Actual Age/Weight & Gender are all joint No1 (although the table wont show that).

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