WKO  Appeals Policy

Appeals procedure and possible grounds:

WKO has an obligation to advise you about the procedure and grounds on which you can make an appeal, and to allow all relevant records of appeals to be inspected by its management panel of the World Kickboxing Organisation.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your bout decision, you should discuss this initially with the attending WKO Chief Official in the first instance..

At this stage your appeal will be heard initially. If an error has been identified by the Chief Official they will collate findings and notify the WKO Country national President who will carry out an investigation.

We aim to solve all problems at this level. If not, you should contact the WKO World President Jon Green to advise that you wish to make an appeal and you must submit your appeal in writing to,

Email: president@worldkickboxingorganisation.org

Appeals should be made within 7 DAYS of the date of the event that you first raised the issue with the WKO Chief Official.

The grounds on which you can appeal are based on the contravention of any of the criteria for the judges  decision and where this has resulted in you being treated unfairly through potential bias or flawed decision making.



Here are some examples of grounds for an appeal:

  • Mandatory 8 Counts not issued

  • Mandatory 8 counts not scored

  • Inadequate resources - for example, inappropriate or insufficient physical resources, or inexperienced and unqualified staff

  • More than 1 judge from opponents team

  • Fouls and Warnings not issued

  • Round time insufficient

  • Rest time insufficient

  • Protective equipment insufficient

  • Illegal wrapping of hands

  • Over use of illegal technique


The above list is not exhaustive but is a guide of why you may feel you may have grounds to appeal.

WKO appeal fee is £150 which goes towards paying independent judges to review fight footage who will  make fair and  unbiassed decision based on what they see.


They will supply a rationale for their decision if they support the original decision or have a view to over turn due to mistake made or indeed potential bias.

Payment of £150 must also be followed by supplying of high quality video footage of the fight. Mobile phone footage will NOT! be accepted.

Payment of £150 + High quality Footage + Formal written appeal must be received prior to any appeal being taken forwards.

If your appeal is forwarded to the panel of the World Kickboxing Organisation, their decision will be final.


You will receive notification of any decisions from the WKO if your appeal is agreed your £150 will be refunded to you.

WKO Apologises in the first instance that you feel you may have grounds to appeal and all steps will be carried out to right any wrongs on your behalf.

Where possible rematches and mandatory 1st defence can be initiated if in the best interests of all involved.

Yours in Sport

Jon Green 7th Dan

WKO World President