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Official WKO Member Licence Card


For Martial Artists, Competitors along with Judges & Referees


WKO Members are insured under the WKO Group Insurance Policy, by purchasing a a WKO Member licence you become a part of WKO.

(WKO are not selling you insurance, as WKO are not an insurance broker)


Member licences allow you to compete, in case of injury you are covered through our group policy.


Please note we issue Member Cards not Licence Books.


WKO Membership lasts for 12 Months from the date of purchase.


Once purchase is complete you shall recieve an email notification reciept which is your  proof of licence, insurance & WKO membership.


This can be shown for authentication to an event organiser that your insurance is in place.


Cards are issued as a token so can show event organisers you are insured, equally your "Insurance Slip" you receive via email equals the same.


 For informtation about joining WKO as a club Email: 


WKO Membership is only valid if:


The event you are competing at has:


Membership is kept in date, Sufficient Event Insurance in place for the event you are competing at, Sanctioned by reputable and insured Organisation/Association, Sufficient and qualified officials in attendance.


Bouts are matched within safe Age & Weight Divisions Rules are officially approved, always regulated & adhered to.


Your coach is also qualified and insured, you adhere to the rules of the bout you are competing with in.


Your Opponent/s are licenced and insured to compete under the rules competing.


There is sufficient medical cover in place relevant to the rules you are competing under.


MMA & Cage Fighting is NOT insured by WKO


Significant Exclusions or Limitations:

This policy does not cover injury arising from:

• Suicide or self-injury

• Committing a criminal act or taking part in civil commotions or riot

• Drugs or alcoholism

• Veneral disease, AIDS, and HIV

• Sickness or disease

• Naturally occurring condition or gradually operating cause

• Any benefit during the excess period

• Any claim attributable either to arthritic or other degenerative conditions in joints,      bones, muscles, tendons or ligaments

• Participating in off-piste winter sports

• Use of weapons unless specified in the schedule


The Permanent Total Disablement benefit is payable if the insured person is permanently prevented from undertaking each and every occupation or profession

WKO Competitor Licence

Price Options
One-time purchase
Annual Licence
Never let you licence expire, pay annually
£25.00every year until canceled
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