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WKO are established!

27th July saw World Kickboxing Organisation launched into the global scene in regards to being an accomplished World Championships.

for our very first World Championships we had 17 yes 17 countries in attendance which is absolutely outstanding.

Preparations are underway for 2019 Open WKO World Championships.

As to be expected this will be bigger than our first championships. So we are now running the event over 4 days to allow for higher attendance. We are also looking to increase the round times to increase the credibility of this outstanding event.

We are the only 100% dedicated Ring-Sports World Championships

We are also adding an additional ring for smother running times and again increased attendance.

With all this in mind will come to no surprise we have to increase costs. This decisions has not come lightly but in order to not only maintain but increase the level of quality in event which we offer we have to increase so can invest.

New price structure will see:

First Entry: £45

All Other Entries £25

Spectator Fee: £25 (for all 4 days)

In comparison to other leading World Championships we are still the lowest on cost and must say still unrivalled when it comes to the quality of event, rewards and officials we offer.

We look forwards to what 2019 brings hope to see you all there.

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