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We have the green light

The whole of WKO advice and guidance for Covid-19 has been direct and on point

in the UK we now have the green light to open up our gyms and centres once more

we have 3 key training systems to get your centre ready for full guidance which bolsters up what we have been getting you ready for visit here

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12th April UK Martial Arts return to play

Keep up to date with UK Covid-19 requirements for what we can and can’t do, details can be found including free resources on the WKO Covid-19 page. The light at the end of the tunnel is in site.

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Looking at he guidance, I fail to see how a Kickboxing Club, such as ours can adhere to phased starting times as we only hire the Dojo for two hours and have 30 plus members. This will be challenging, there is only one-way in and out- up two flights of stairs which service the entire converted mill units. However. we will never say it cannot be done.

I do need help though, if the club is to open in August, as I am in lockdown until end of August as classed as extremely vulnerable, so if there are any coaches who can travel to Clayton , West Yorkshire on a Saturday afternoon please let me know. I can only pay…

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