WKO World Amateur Rankings

The WKO World Amateur Rankings are formed from results of competitors who 

have entered WKO Open Championships.

WKO World Amateur Ranking Events Are:

  • WKO Tyne & Wear Open (TAWO)

  • WKO English Open

  • WKO British Open

  • WKO 5 Nations Open

  • WKO European Open

  • Unified European Open

  • WKO European Open

  • WKO Open World Championships

WKO World Amateur Ranking Points Are:

  • Gold Medallist 3 Points

  • Silver Medallist 2 Points

  • Bronze Medallist 1 Point

  • Entering Each Tournament 1 Point


All points are added up most amount of points = Number One Rank


These rankings are compiled from 8 Open Championships both National and International. With 1300 competitors who can compete in both Ring & Tatami Sports.


With competitors from around the world. 


This makes all WKO Open Champions AAA events Award, Achievement & Acknowledgement!


These World Rankings will be updated following every WKO Open Championships.


Congratulations to all ranked fighters this is an achievement within itself and a testament to yourself, your club and your coach.


Anyone not ranked who are they?


They are not AAA World Ranked Fighters that's who they are.


WKO World Rankings get ranked get recognition. No politics the best are the ones willing to be tested against the best. The victorious are the best its that simple in WKO.