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WKO Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts is a none-regulated qualification for Martial Arts instructors and coaches who would like to further develop their knowledge and understanding. 


This Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts qualification for individuals wishing to progress their teaching in martial arts.


Prior to registration, learners are required to:

  • Be 36years or over
  • Have a minimum of 20yrs Teaching in Martial Arts
  • Hold a relevant experience in the martial art they aspire to coach in
  • Hold minimum grade of 1st Dan/Degree
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English1 (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing).


Learners must be able to understand the requirements of the qualification and the information within the qualification materials in English without assistance.


To achieve this qualification you will be required to complete written assignments covering these units:

  • Unit 1 – Design and create lesson plans (Analyse warm ups, skills training, and physical conditioning)
  • Unit 2 - Design a training environmentt
  • Unit 3 - Organise methods of training delivery (Teaching students by breaking down complex techniques into simple moves)
  • Unit 4 - Analyse different training resources
  • Unit 5 - Health, Wellbeing and Sport
  • Unit 6 - Advancing Teaching Skills
  • Unit 7 - Applied & Reflective Teaching Skills
  • Unit 8 - Nutrition for Physical Performance
  • Unit 9 - Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Martial Arts
  • Unit 10 - Martial Arts Injuries
  • Unit 11 - Anatomy and Physiology in Martial Arts
  • Unit 12 – Fitness Testing
  • Unit 13 - Marketing Communications
  • Each unit assignment will be minimum of 250 words


Upon completion of assignments you will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence incorperating how you have implemented the required units within your coacing planning & delivery.


An observation of you coaching a Martial Arts class (direct or remote)


An online examination will be required with a minimum pass mark of 80%

80% Pass

90% Merit

100% Distinction


A professional discussion will alsobe required to be carried out between you and your assessor. Where you will be required to state and describe how you plan, deliver and reflect on your own coaching practices of Martial Arts.


In order to purchase this course you musthave completed the WKO Enrolment and  initial Assessment Form, If you do not meet the requirements and this course you will not be allowed to enrol.


Once you have passed the initial assessment and begun this course there will be NO refund.


The time it takes for you to complete this course is entirley up to you, certifcates for this qualification will only be issued upon complettion of:

  • Each unit assignment 
  • Portfolio of evidence showing planning and evalution
  • Observation of you coaching Martial Arts
  • Successful completion of online examination
  • Completion of successful professional discussion


World Kickboxing Organisation are the awarding organisation for WKO Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts


Your Assessor for this course will be assigned to you. 

Your Quality Assurer for this qualification will be Mr Jon Green

WKO Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts

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